Sunglasses to help read those greens

New shades react to the light and make balls and putts clearer

Sunglasses to help read those greens

New sunglasses adapted for golfers to highlight the whiteness of the golf ball and the contours of the green are to be introduced.

Lens developers Transitions Optical (TO) have collaborated with sports company Nike to create Nike MAX Transitional sunglasses, specifically designed with a violet tint to optimise performance in changing light conditions.

TO describes the glasses as 'game-changing' combining the advanced photochromic lens technology it has pioneered for more than 20 years, with Nike Vision’s patented MAX Optics  to improve a golfers' performance.

Golfmagic is due to receive a pair to review so it will be interesting to see if, unlike many sunglasses designed for golf, they make green reading and putting more of an exact science.

In my experience some wraparound sunglasses, while keeping out dust and unnecessary light on the brightest days, have in the past tended to flatten and distort the putting surface, making reading the slope on putts somewhat of a lottery.

Expect to pay £195 for this latest technology.

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