Swing Shirt keeps your arms together

Revolutionary new practice aid set to hit the shops

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Mon, 31 Dec 2012
Swing Shirt keeps your arms together

Look out for a new practice aid likely to sweep into Europe and the UK in the New Year - the Golf Swing Shirt.

Endorsed by three time major champion Padraig Harrington and the brain child of New Jersey estate agent Ray Rapcavage, this innovative practice device was born when he shanked three wedges in his back yard and pulled on an old sweat shirt in an effort to keep his arms working in unison.

The three-handicapper positioned one sleeve in front of his body and the other at his back, he forced both arms into the front sleeve and found that with his his arms squeezed together it kept his swing connected and synchronized.

“It was a wild and crazy idea but I was like a machine,” he recalled. “It really felt great.”

He showed his discovery to a friend, who said he thought he looked like an idiot in a straight jacket but had to admit that it helped him reproduce the swing and the results of a Tour pro.

Eventully he took a stapled prototype to a manufacturer who finally made it into a product made of stretchable compression material. And with a ringing endorsement from Curtis Strange's former coach, Jimmy Ballard, Rapcavage took his idea to the next stage of manufacturer.

Ballard said: “This is best thing I’ve ever seen - and I’ve seen everything. I’ve tried everything. This immediately teaches the concept of connection, which is what I teach. You figured out how it had to be cut. The fabric is incredible.”

Now in full production with already thousands sold in the US, the Golf Swing Shirt is now likely to find its way to the UK and Europe at a price of around £50.

For further information visit www.golfswingshirt.com

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