TaylorMade Dual to the rescue

Two new versions of TaylorMade's award-winning utility club soon will be available.

TaylorMade Dual to the rescue
TaylorMade Dual to the rescue
Rescue Dual

Not content with producing the club that Golfmagic followers regarded as the best innovation in 2004 – the Rescue Mid - TaylorMade has introduced the Rescue Dual, a utility club that players like Retief Goosen and Paul McGinley have already found so versatile on Tour.

They use the Rescue Dual TP version, while the Rescue Dual has been engineered for the club golfer incorporating TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) technology introduced in the r7 Quad driver, giving golfers power to change the clubhead’s centre of gravity location to promote different types of trajectory. Changing the weights’ position can promote a draw bias or neutral ball flight.

Most golfers hit the ball from left-to-right, so the Rescue Dual has an internal fixed weight near the heel to promote the kind of clubface rotation during the forward swing that produces a slight draw. For players who wish to counteract this, a different weighted cartridge can be installed in the toe to slow the rotation and produce a straighter trajectory.

The club also incorporates a new, V-shaped sole design making the clubhead ‘more stable and easy to aim at address and more playability from a variety of lies, ‘ says TaylorMade.

The Rescue Dual also features a small, unobtrusive metallic swing weight plug permanently installed in the back of the clubhead, between the TLC ports. By using plugs with differing weights, TaylorMade engineers can simply and easily adjust the club’s swing weight. Positioning the plug in the back of the clubhead allows TaylorMade engineers to position the centre of gravity lower and deeper in the clubhead.

TaylorMade Dual to the rescue
Exploded version shows the moveable TLC ports

Shaft options include 65-gram graphite hybrid shaft and Rescue Steel Hybrid. Both are available in stiff, regular, mature and ladies flexes. Lofts are available in 16, 19, 22 and 25 degrees.

The Rescue Dual TP version has the same two TLC ports to allow players to move the clubhead’s centre of gravity but also offers and adjustable swingweight plug. Like the Rescue Dual, the TP features two TLC ports positioned low in the back of the clubhead. However, a player can also change the plug, permanently positioned in the club golfer version.

Because skilled players prefer to work the ball in both directions, the Rescue Dual TP is not internally weighted to promote a draw, like the Rescue dual. Instead, the TP comes with a selection of cartridges to promote varying degrees of draws and fades as well as a neutral or straight trajectory.

The Rescue Dual TP has a range of shafts, including extra stiff and four lofts, starting at 14 degrees.

Cost of the Rescue Dual is £149 (graphite) or £139 (steel) and the Rescue Dual TP £229 or £169 respectively.

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