The Boomerang

Perhaps the answer to your putting prayers!!!

Mon, 28 Feb 2000

The Boomerang

Alex Moore, a man fed up with bad putting and noisy practice aids, devised the BoomTech or Boomerang technique. And after thousands of practice putts on the Boomerang putting ramp over three years and condensing the putting stroke to its basic components, a repeatable set-up, a straight putt technique and distance control, Moore and the Boomerang can teach you how to putt, and win money off your mates.

The Boomerang putting ramp was shown at the PGA Merchandising show in Orlando, Florida in February and Moore has shown the golfing world that there may finally be a tool to help your putting become more consistent and aggressive too.

The ramp is a two ball putting system that returns any missed putts to you without making the noise of some other putting machines.
It is available now in the UK at around £49.99 and if the introduction to the Boomerang I had recently is anything to go by, it is worth every penny.

The system, if used correctly, allows you to groove a putting stroke by accurately rolling the ball over the carpet, up to the ramp and dropping the ball into the hole at a perfect pace.

The main keys are that you must roll the ball end over end to hit the perfect straight putt. If you can master that, you will be deadly when you hit the greens on your course.

Many tour players have already asked Moore to supply them with a Boomerang system so that they can use it in hotels while they are on tour. Moore is currently manufacturing a Tour model, which can fold in half to fit in a suitcase for those who make a living at the game.
If you are serious about your game, read the following abbreviated lesson from Moore, find yourself a Boomerang ramp and take the cash off your mates next time out.
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To read the lesson from Alex, click on the link below