Callaway Pro's do not use Rule-35

Callaway Pro's use a different ball than the new Rule-35

Martin Park
Sat, 26 Feb 2000

The long awaited Callaway golf balls that were launched at the PGA Merchandise in Orlando in February are not the same as the Rule 35 balls coming to our shops soon. The balls used by Callaway staff Pro's bear different dimple patterns.

Callaway had kept quiet about the 'other' ball, but the company never said its tour players were using the new Rule-35 ball anyway. The Rule 35-ball is awaiting approval from the R&A, the game's governing body and Callaway say that it is expected to be approved by March. Chuck Yash, president of the Callaway Golf Ball Co. cited a Feb. 7 press release announcing Bruce Fleisher’s victory at the Royal Caribbean Classic.

It read, “In a resounding victory, both for Callaway Golf Company and for its new golf ball business, Callaway Golf staff professional Bruce Fleisher won the Royal Caribbean Classic with a Callaway ball. There was no mention of Rule 35, the retail ball.

He also said that the company did not make an issue about the difference because while the dimple patterns are not the same, the tour balls and the retail balls perform “virtually identically.”

According to Yash, Callaway’s original submission to the R&A, which determines a ball’s eligibility for tournament play bore a 402-dimple pattern. But there may have been some patenting problems with the pattern of Rule-35, so Callaway decided to wait for approval before selling it in the shops.

Yash then told his Research and Development staff to create another dimple pattern to provide the same flight trajectory because tour players were pleased with the performance of the original 402 design. That process resulted in the creation of the 382-dimple pattern which appears on Rule 35.

Yash has also asked the Callaway Staff Pro's to play with the Rule 35 when the R&A and USGA approve the design.

The new Rule-35 ball is due to be in our shops by the end of March, retailing at around £34 for ten. They are available in Firmfeel and Softfeel varieties.