The Ultimate putter

Is this the Ultimate putter? It is by name...

The Ultimate putter

Frustrated over his lack of skill on the greens and unsatisfied with every putter he ever owned, David Hicks used his background in Design and Manufacturing to create his own putter and use it to deadly effect. The Ultimate putter

And now the end result, The Ultimate Putter, is receiving a cult following on the European Tour since it was launched at the Victor Chandler British Masters at Woburn last year.

"I was fed up with all the putters I had, so four years ago, I decided to design my own using a robot and perfecting the roll by raising the centre of gravity on a putter and playing about with a peripheral weighting system".

"We used CAD (Computer Aided Design) Machines to perfect the looks and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Milling machines to get the precise finish we wanted".

"We launched it at the British Masters at Woburn and we had several players use it. I had a few enquiries from the Pros' and fitted them personally and made sure it was up to their specifications. Marcello Santi put it in the bag; Tony Johnstone used it and said that it was the best roll he has had off a putter. And Costantino Rocca said to me that it was simply fantastic! Pretty strong statements from the guys who make a living at the game."The Ultimate putter

Hicks took his design to San Roque for last years Tour School to see the reaction from the would-be Professionals. He received a good response.

"We are not paying anyone to use the product, but from the response we received at Tour School, I am confident of a tour win this year as I had 16 players take a big interest in it".

The Ultimate Putter is a complete Custom fitting system and can be fitted with the help of a Professional. There are ten blade style models available, each one having a different lie angle from 14 to 24 degrees and there is also a tour model with an even higher centre of gravity.

And for those who prefer them, a broomstick model and two Mallet styles will be available around springtime.

There will also be two inserts available, bronze and a balata, preferred by better players.The Ultimate putter
The putter can be fitted using a perimeter weighting system with interchangeable weights made from brass, steel and carbide, the heaviest insert to suit the individual. And the split line alignment system as you look over the ball, helps out with achieving the correct lie angle.

The Ultimate Putter will retail between £115 and £185 each, with the insert model costing around £145. There will also be a range of teaching add-ons available soon.

For enquiries about The Ultimate Putter, contact David Hicks or Trevor Parker on 01425 403608 or email

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