Titleist 980 fairway metals launched

Two options unveiled

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Mon, 23 Jun 2003
Titleist 980 fairway metals launched
Titleist 980 fairway metals launched
Titleist's latest fairway metals.

Hot on the heels of its latest 983 drivers, Titleist is unveiling a new line of Pro Trajectory 980 fairway metals - the 980F and the 980F Strong.

"Clean, classic and pear-shaped the clubs are a bi-product of the work and research achieved by club and Tour pros," says Titleist’s Chris McGinley. "Many competitive fairway metals are designed to help get the ball in the air but they sacrifice trajectory and control."

He claims that while these new clubs get the ball quickly airborne they achieve a flatter, more boring ball flight – with control over a long distance.

The ProTrajectory 980F – in 15,17,19 and 21-degree options - has a slightly larger head and shallower face than the 980F Strong with a higher initial launch angle, with its deep centre of gravity. A custom-fitted club is available with 13 degrees of loft.

The 980F Strong version is a more compact, deep-faced 3-wood available in 13 (custom) and 15 degree options. The deeper face with its forward centre of gravity produces a flatter launch angle for better players who produce high spin and higher ball speed.

Both clubs will be available in right and left-hand options and will cost £215 (graphite shaft) and £150 (steel). Expect to find them in pro shops in July.