Training aid to boost

MySP Golf device launched

Training aid to boost

As a new season approaches golfers are flexing their muscles in anticipation of making this year their best yet – and British sports coach Gerry Crawford is hoping that his training aid will help them achieve it.

Using elastic resistance bands to help a golfer build width, consistency and power in their swing, Crawford is introducing the MySP Golf device to help groove a swing, whether beginner or Tour pro.

Adapted from an idea by Crawford to improve hand-eye co-ordination while teaching cricket to children with special needs, it features a harness round the waist and a ‘progression band’ attached to the wrist.

“Swing the club as normal and straight away you can feel how the MySP Golf aid creates a feeling of controlled power in the club,” says Crawford. “It will help improve consistency in the backswing, downswing, follow-through and hip rotation.

“It can also be used for chipping and putting.”

England amateur squad coach Gary Smith, who endorses the product, adds: “A lot of golfers’ backswings break down and become cramped – and a narrow golf swing is a recipe for high scores.

“The MySP Golf trains you to achieve the sort of width that all the top players have in their swings. It will definitely take shots off your score and reduce your handicap.”

And Tour pro Daniel Gaunt, already a winner on the Jamega Tour this year, agrees.

“It has made my swing more consistent,” he explains. “I feel that I don’t have to hit the ball so hard now, yet I have still gained distance. You can feel it working almost instantly.”

It’s available in three sizes priced from £33.50 from

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