Trolley alerts when lost ball time is up

New features on latest Motocaddy S3 Pro

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Mon, 30 Jan 2012
Trolley alerts when lost ball time is up

Trolley-maker Motocaddy has introduced an alarm on its latest flagship S3 Pro model. As well as being helpful to keep slow play moving, it could prove a warning to golfers considering being economical with the truth when it comes to over-running the five minutes allowed by the Rules of Golf to look for a ball that may be lost, 

Among the powered trolley’s innovative features is a ‘lost ball’ timer which can be activated by the simple push of a button. When the allotted five minutes are up - the time allowed from when the search begins by the player or caddie (Defintion (a), Rule 27) - a series of discreet beeps lets golfers know.

The S3 PRO trolley also includes a ‘round’ timer allowing the player to check on a round’s duration at any point during 18 holes.

Whether the playing companions of the owner of the Motocaddy S3 Pro trolley will be pleased to know about these features may be subject to conjecture!

However, Motocaddy managing director Tony Webb is in no doubt about the value of the new devices.

“The inclusion of these new features really does make the S3 Pro the ‘must have’ trolley of 2012,” he claims. “Each new element has been added with the consumer in mind and based on feedback from Tour pros who use our trolleys.”

The S3 PRO has also taken on a fresh new look with a re-styled ergonomic handle, sporty wheels, battery tray and paint finishes. Other features also include a USB GPS charging port and CartLock security device to deter theft, distance control (ADC) to allow the trolley to travel independently up to 60 yards, a clock, battery meter and distance readings.

The trolley is powered by a 200-Watt motor and lightweight Panasonic batteries (for 18 or 36 holes) or a powerful Lithium battery.

The S3 PRO trolley is available in black, titanium or alpine from March with a recommended price of £399.99 (standard battery), £429.99 (extended range battery) or £599.99 lithium battery).

The Motocaddy S1 Pro is an updated version of the top-selling Motocaddy S1 trolley but adds a USB charging port to power GPS devices and an easy-to-use (ADC) feature to send the trolley independently on a choice of three distances.

Available in similar frame colours to the S3 Pro, the trolley has a recommended price of£349.99 (standard battery), £379.99 (extended range battery) and £549.99 (lithium battery).

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