Versatility of Mizuno MP-R12 wedges

Profile suited to the loft of each wedge

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Thu, 1 Sep 2011
Versatility of Mizuno MP-R12 wedges

The rounded version of the Mizuno MP wedge is the Japanese club-maker's first design with a profile specifically suited to each loft.

The Mizuno MP R-12 in its lower lofts is shaped to progress seamlessly from a standard pitching wedge. From 54 degrees upward, the R-Series takes on more specialist wedge look, with its C-Grind sole allowing great short range versatility.

With its generous, rounded face the MP R-12 is a throwback to Mizuno’s traditional wedge models, while the R-Series is easy to open up for a variety of shots and a new taper to the hosel area, reveals a larger portion of the clubface at address. It has a 'butter soft feel and spin control.'

A wider, shallower version of Mizuno's Quad Cut groove is used on 56-64 degree models to help with grip on the shorter, partial strikes  where the ball doesn't fully compress. Over 50-54 degrees, Quad Cut uses a narrower, deeper spec suitable for full strikes.

With a thicker top edge and available in satin or black nickel finish, the MP R-12s (£115 per club) can be custom fitted to match the specification of any Mizuno iron set.

Says Mizuno Tour operations manager, Andy Kikdas: “The demands of a 50 degree and 60 degree wedge are so different The MP R-12 50 degree looks like it could be the next iron in your bag after the pitching wedge and ideal for fuller approach shots. But from the 54 degree up, the sole shape becomes much more versatile.”