Vice Pro ball review

Vice Pro balls cost less than

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Mon, 1 Jun 2015
Vice Pro ball review

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German company Vice Golf has stepped in to bring complexity to the market, adding a new model into the old, establishment golf ball manufacturing business.

Founded by Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl in 2012, Vice Golf sells golf balls through its website

Consumers buy the company’s balls online and the goods are shipped directly to them, so Vice avoids dealing with the middlemen that characterise the rest of the business.

Testing out the new Vice Pro ball in white - also available in Pro Neon, Pro Shooter and Pro Flamingo - we were pleasantly surprised by its overall performance given each ball costs £1.79. 

Although our wedge spin rate was some 700 RPM lower the new Pro V1 on full 55-degree wedge shots, we could not fault it on pitches around the green as it was consistently bouncing once, checking and running out to the pin.

It was not the easiest to gauge pace with on long putts, and did not sound quite as nice and pure off the putter face as some of the others, but it did compete with the big boys off the tee.

Again, not in the league of a Pro V1 for total distance or driver spin rate, but it was certainly middle of the pack and that was great to see. 

The large 318 dimple design also ensured the ball held its line well in the wind. 


The Vice Pro offers great value given each ball costs just £1.79. It struggled to get anywhere near the spin we would like to see on 100-yard shots but small pitch shots grabbed nicely. It did perform well off the tee, however, with decent low levels off spin. Not the greatest premium ball out there, but well worth a look.