WATCH: Golfstream DV8 trolley

Have a look at the new remote controlled trolley from Golfstream

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Wed, 23 Jul 2014

THE Golfstream DV8 represents the company's new fully remote controlled Lithium powered trolley for 2014. Watch the video about to learn more.

Ten of the Best: Electric trolleys 2014

- British Made with British Components
- Fully Remote Control
- Left, Right, Forward and Reverse
- Up to 100 metres range
- Two Fold
- T-Bar Handle with hidden aerial
- Built in sprung suspension
- Stylish mudguards as standard
- Bag is cradled,central beam not used, no bag twist
- Adjustable upper and lower bag stay arms
- Anodised metallic features
- Non clogging front wheel
- Two powerful 200 Watt motors
- New S5 Wheels
- Intuitive easy hold hand-set complete with batteries
- Lithium battery as standard
- Complete with purpose designed charger
- Available with pneumatic wheels
- Available with Hedgehog wheels

RRP: £999