Wilson gets the Horn!

World's sexiest golfer joins European Tour pro Webster on the staff roster

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Tue, 17 Jan 2012
Wilson gets the Horn!

Wilson Staff has made a double swoop for model Sophie Horn and European Tour pro Steve Webster.

Horn, recently voted as the world’s sexiest golfer by the American sports website Bleacher last year, will play with the new Wilson Staff DXi Superlight driver and DXi rescue clubs, as well as the classic FG62 blades and FG Tour balls.

And despite interest from numerous brands, there was only ever one partner for the 25-year-old.

“I was always committed to the Wilson brand because I love its products so much,” said Horn, who also presents a golf-related exercise programme as part of the global television show Golfing World.

Playing off a four-handicap, the three-time Norfolk County Champion is set to take time out from her role as golf expert at GQ Magazine to promote the brand at domestic dates such as Golf LIVE at the London Golf Club in May.

Meanwhile, two-time European Tour champion Webster will be sporting the highly-rated Wilson Staff FG Tour irons, Pro Tour bag and headwear.

Speaking of his FG Tour irons, Webster said: “The distance control on the irons is amazingly consistent and I have lots of feel off the clubface for shot making.”

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