Wilson launch ''Deep Red''

New from Wilson golf are the "Deep Red" driver and the iWound golf ball, to be launched next week...

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Martin Park
Mon, 1 Jan 2001
Wilson launch ''Deep Red''

Wilson Golf will launch a series of new products at the PGA Merchandising show in Orlando next week, including an all new “Fat Shaft” driver and a new golf ball combining wound and two piece technology.

The new driver, named the “Deep Red” for obvious reasons as its head colour is erm...deep red!

The big gun will be available in the UK around the Spring time and will come on a variety of lofts from 7.5,9 10.5 and 12 degrees and it comes as standard with a ProLite fat shaft with a .480 tip.

The face, say Wilson, is “Ultra thin titanium” that just conforms to the USGA’s spring effect ruling and gives maximum permissible distance in addition to its low centre of gravity and deep face technology.

The price is as yet unconfirmed, but is reckoned to be around £250-£300 for the “Deep Red”.

Also new from Wilson is the iWound ball, which is a combination of the best of both types of golf ball. It has winding around the solid core, which gives it all the necessary qualities of both types of golf ball, namely feel, distance, spin and durability.