Wilson Staff introduces FG62 blades

Classic-looking clubs for 'the better player'

Wilson Staff introduces FG62 blades

Wilson Staff has introduced a new set of classic-looking FG62 forged blades aimed at the better player who's looking for sleek looks, a soft feel and a muscle-back club which can help them shape their shots more consistently.

The Wilson Staff FG62 iron has a slightly larger clubhead, a thinner top line, slight offset and a wider, cambered sole coupled with a rounded leading edge.

Wilson engineers claim the sole of the club prevents it skidding on firmer fairways, while its mild camber and heel and toe relief minimise digging in when playing in softer conditions.

Forged from 8620 mild carbon steel, the FG62 blades are available from 3-iron to pitching wedge priced at £599 for eight clubs and come with Tour-proven Dynamic Gold Steel True Temper shafts (in regular and stiff options) and Lamkin Crossline grips.

“Play-testing among low handicap golfers in the United States and Europe confirmed the preference of many better players for a traditional bladed iron and these outstanding clubs give us the complete range of performance irons to offer golfers of all abilities,” says Doug Wright, business director of Wilson Golf in Europe.

“Our designers have gone to great lengths to get the irons really looking the part throughout the set, as well as performing to an exceptionally high standard.”

For further information visit www.wilsonstaff.com

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