XXIO reveals XXIO9 driver, fairway woods & utility clubs

Lighter shaft and heavier head maintains longer wrist cock for more distance

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Thu, 11 Feb 2016

XXIO reveals XXIO9 driver, fairway woods & utility clubs

XXIO, the number one seller in Japan since 2000, has revealed its ninth generation XXIO9 driver, fairway woods and utility clubs, designed for players with slower swing speeds.

Billed as the brand’s longest ever set of woods, the XXIO9 clubs maintain longer wrist cock without changing head path, which the brand says delivers over five extra yards compared to the previous driver model.

Key concepts of the XXIO range, trusted by grand slam gatherer Inbee Park, remain distance, forgiveness and an appealing sound.

Following the launch on fifth December 2015, the XXIO9 series was the number one seller after one week.

Key features

More head speed

Dual Speed Technology, a proprietary technology that maximises both head and ball   speed to deliver greater distance, has evolved.  

Wrist cockis maintained for longer promoting faster hea speeds, without adjusting the swing to create a change in head path.  

More ball speed

Higher ball speed technology includes the newly developed Wing Cup Face (patent pending) and the heaviest head in XXIO history. Features two speed technologies in each club, the XXIO9 series is designed to deliver more distance than ever. 

Evolution of higher head speed technology

- Altering the head path

Original shaft and head designs help improve the head path during the first half of the downswing. Even without the golfer trying to change his or her swing or consciously noticing anything different, the lightweight, flexible shaft and the heavy head combine to delay uncoiling of wrist cock at the time of swing transition, causing the head to pass closer to the body.

This optimised head path in turn reduces the rotational radius, naturally increasing the arm rotation speed and increasing swing speed.  As a result, in the second half of downswing, centrifugal force acts more powerfully on the head, increasing the head speed.

- MP900 carbon shaft

The new shaft features Toray T1100G (a  carbon fiber developed for aircraft, launch vehicles and other next-generation aerospace applications), Toray T700G, and polymers developed with Toray’s NANOALLOY  technology.  Thanks  to these advances, the shaft is two grams lighter and has a balance point 20 mm closer to the grip as compared to the previous model.

Since both the outermost and inner layers of the shaft receive the most force during the swing, hoop layers are applied for extra strength. This structure helps make the shaft lighter and stronger at the same time. In addition, the shaft structure is optimised in each part to maximise functional performance at the grip, centre, and tip.

- Heavier head

The heaviest head in  XXIO history and the newly developed Wing Cup Face design (patent pending) further increase ball speed and thus the distance of the ball travels.

The heavier club head maximises kinetic energy at the moment of impact, while the newly  developed cup face with its expanded flare from toe to heel offers a 10% larger sweet spot than the previous model.

Further tech for more forgiveness

- High launch angle and low spin help deliver greater distance

Repositioned weight (integrated with plaque) 15 mm backwards compared to the previous model, which optimises the head thickness design, resulting in lower CG.

- Improved XXIO impact sound

Sound rib produces improved sound

- Sole design

Integrating the weight with the large plague emphasises the power of the head. 

Moreover, the lines present an image of a smooth golf swing, encouraging higher swing speed.

- Crown design

The main colour of the crown is navy blue, while the use of a polarised coating on the rear of the heel visually asserts the flexibility of the head.

Available: now
Cost: £499.99
Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5

Fairway wood

Like the XXIO9 driver, the fairway woods feature a heavier head and a newly developed shaft that is lighter and has the balance point closer to the grip.

- new face and sole of the head, providing forgiveness for greater distance.

- New cup face and optimised face thickness design deliver enhanced COR (efficiency of momentum transfer) performance.

-  new cup face with an expanded flare enhances the COR performance of the lower part of the face (impact point of average golfer). In addition, enlarging the thinner surrounding area (the thinner area between thicker areas) creates a sweet spot 10% larger than that of the previous model and minimises loss of carry distance for off-centre shots.

- New “ Power Wave Structure” (patent pending) in sole provides more forgiveness. The  sole  features  a  thinner  centre and  thicker  sides, resulting in an even lower and deeper CG, which enables the ball to get airborne with ease.

Available: now
Price: £399.99
Lofts: 15, 16.5, 18, 20, 23

Utility clubs

The XXIO9 utility clubs maintain longer wrist cock for increased head and ball speeds, like the new driver and fairway woods.

Other key features

New head shape

Curvature towards the toe are and reduced face progression for improved contact and accuracy. A new “Power Wave Structure” (patent pending) on the sole features a thinner centre and thicker sides, creating a low CG.

Available: Now
Price: £219.99
Lofts: 17 (U3+) 19 (U3) 21 (U4) 23 (U5) 25 (U6)