XXIO unveils XXIO9 irons

Five-piece head structure design provides lowest CG ever for XXIO

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Thu, 11 Feb 2016
XXIO unveils XXIO9 irons

XXIO, the number one selling golf equipment brand in Japan since 2000, has revealed its ninth generation XXIO9 irons, designed for players with slower swing speeds.

The XXIO9 irons maintain a longer wrist cock without changing head path, which the brand says delivers more distance.

Key concepts of the XXIO range, trusted by grand slam gatherer Inbee Park, remain distance, forgiveness and an appealing sound.

Following the launch on fifth December 2015, the XXIO9 irons were the number one sellers share after one week.

Key features

- Faster head speed

In the first half of the downswing, the irons help the player maintain a longer wrist cock, causing the club to pass closer to the golfer’s body and accelerate in the second half of the downswing.

- Faster ball speed

The titanium head has been expanded towards the sole to enhance COR (efficiency of momentum transfer) performance on the lower part of the face, where the average golfer strikes from.

Five-piece head structure on 4-7 irons for lower CG

In addition to the nickel weight in the sole, high-density tungsten steel weights are placed in the toe and heel, creating a head with the lowest CG in XXIO history and high MOI, improving forgiveness. 

Two shaft types

- XXIO MP 900 Carbon shaft has a balance point 15 mm closer to the grip, making it easier to swing.

- NS PRO 890 DST steel shaft is one gram lighter than the previous model.

Available: Now
Price: £966 for eight irons (carbon shaft) £870 for five irons (steel shaft)
Grip: XXIO9 original DST full rubber coloured grip