Football coach reveals why he hates golf so much

We all have mates like this guy. 

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Thu, 26 Apr 2018

Washington State head football coach Mike Leach has hit the headlines this week for claiming "golf is boring" and has "no time to waste on the golf course."

Leach also touched upon his hatred of the rules, golf fashion and the fact he loves a good beer. 

First of all, I don't like golf because it's pretentious. There's a lot of rules. Don't do it this way, don't do it that way. You walked between my ball and the hole. This guy has to go first, then you go after he does. I mean, all these rules, I just don't understand.

Leach also shared his perspective about what fuels the vibrant fashion choices seen on many courses:

You can tell there's a subtle, internal rebellion going on with golf, and where that subtle, internal rebellion manifests itself is they really liven up the clothes. I mean, they're beaten down by all the little subtle rules, so they really liven up the clothes. Maybe have knickers, maybe they'll have a floppy hat or something like that.

Leach on the advice he would sometimes offer when friends explained their rationale for hitting the links: 

They say, 'Well I don't go there to golf or go to take it seriously. When I go golf, I just like to have some beers.' And I'm thinking, 'You know there's bars for that? There's bars for that, and at those bars they have, often times, attractive women and music going on?'"