Golf club fears coronavirus could "close us down FOR GOOD"

With the UK beginning to self isolate, one golf club fears that the impact could cause them to close down completely.

Golf club fears coronavirus could "close us down FOR GOOD"
Golf club fears coronavirus could "close us down FOR GOOD"

Most golf clubs in the UK heavily rely on being open every single day and need lots of customers playing golf and spending money at the bar in order to stay afloat.

If a golf club doesn't keep enough members or have many visitors, it's likely that they'll end up closing down as the club becomes too expensive to run.

Golf club fears coronavirus could

With the continued spread of the coronavirus, the UK government is now recommending that people work from home if they can, avoid unnecessary social visits and avoid gatherings and crowded places.

At first, people thought the golf course was a safe place to be, but now that the government has insisted on social distancing, being around your friends on the course and surrounded by others in the clubhouse is certainly not a good idea.

One GolfMagic reader who has asked to remain anonymous, got in touch to ask a few questions about the future of golf and how COVID-19 could effect his business, as he is a general manager at a golf club in Surrey.

Speaking to us through social media, 'Joe Bloggs' was extremely concerned that the coronavirus would lead to the golf club being shut down for good, after what's already been a difficult start to the year.

"The start of 2020 has been a real struggle for not only us but most golf clubs in the UK, as the storms and wet weather meant that we were either closed for course maintenance or no one wanted to play any golf," said Bloggs.

"We were really hoping that now the storms have passed we could push on and have a really successful Spring / Summer and attract a lot of golfers to play the course and vist the clubhouse for some food and drinks afterwards.

"It was vital that we got off to the best possible start due to our financial situation, but I think the ongoing issues with the coronavirus will eventually close us down.

"With everyone self-isolating our clubhouse and restaurant is empty and you can count golfers on one hand. The problem is, this is only the start to the UK's lockdown so it's only going to get worse. I can't see us making it to the Summer."

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