10 awesome apps for golf in 2016

Our favourite golf coaching apps to help you play better golf in 2016

GolfMagic Staff
Mon, 21 Dec 2015
10 awesome apps for golf in 2016

Unless you possess natural talent like Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia, you will have likely realised by now it costs more than a few pennies to become any good at this game. 

While a lesson with a PGA pro, custom fitting session and new set of premium clubs will likely go some way to lowering that handicap, they each come at a substantial price. 

On the other hand, golf coaching apps - many of which are the price of a box of tees -represent one of the most cost-effective ways of dissecting this finicky game on your own. 

Let's take a look at some of the best on the market in 2016.

SkyCaddie SkyPro

Accurate and easy to use, the SkyPro finds swing faults and helps golfers of all levels fix them.

This free app, available on iTunes, will allow you to explore your swing with the help of SkyPro's 3D interactive checkpoints.

Unfortunately a SkyPro device, approximately the price of a premium fairway wood at £170, is required to capture your swing and unlock the full functionality of the app.

With the SkyCaddie SkyPro, golfers can learn incredible amounts of detail about every swing they make, whether on the golf course or in any bay at the driving range.

Even without the SkyPro itself, golfers can still analyse and compare any shared swing. 

Weighing less than 30g and about the size of a USB stick, SkyPro attaches easily to the shaft of the golf club just below the grip and is virtually undetectable during the golf swing.

Hank Haney, the former swing coach of Tiger Woods, said of the device: "One of the great things about SkyPro is that students can use it to help themselves. It’s also very accurate and allows people an opportunity to work as if they were there with their teacher, by telling them to work on getting their takeaway, or whatever the focus is. It’s a great way to have real, monitored practice when the coach isn’t there."

Website: www.golfskypro.com/skypro


PING has launched a new app that includes the 'Golf Workout', an Apple Watch feature engineered to capture and track fitness data, swing tempo and on-course statistics.

The new app also houses updates to iPING, a putting-improvement tool that attaches to a putter shaft using an iPING Cradle, and works in conjunction with iPhone.

In addition, there’s a new PING trivia game created to share the brand’s rich heritage and its focus on innovations that help golfers play their best.

The iPING app is a free download from the App Store and the full Golf Workout experience is available as an in-app purchase at an introductory price of £3.99.

Website: iTunes


With the SwingSmart Golf Analyser ($250) and free app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, golfers have an easy tool to quickly improve their swing anywhere, anytime.

Once the sensor module is attached to the club, the device allows you to instantly view key statistics upon swinging the club with a 3D swing view.

SwingSmart is consistently awarded top honors in independent reviews of golf swing analysers and offers easy-to-understand feedback on every swing, with every club, from driver to putter.

It quickly delivers key swing metrics in both numeric and true 3D format, which can help every golfer truly see their swing and take the mystery out of fixing it.

Website: www.swingsmart.com

Everyday Golf Coach Power

The latest Everyday Golf Coach Power HD app, now available on iTunes for £4.99, is a comprehensive coaching study of how power is generated in the golf swing.

The interactive ‘SwingSequence’ feature comes to life on the iPad screen allowing you to study all the key movements in a slick and intuitive format.

This is supported by 15 in depth HD videos giving you access to the same information that helps PGA Tour professionals create effortless club head speed.

Developed by leading golf coach, PGA Professional Noel Rousseau, the Everyday Golf Coach Power HD app is thorough, well researched and is presented in an easily accessible manner.

Website: www.everydaygolfcoach.com


Hole19 is a free app that connects the world of golf.

Designed to help golfers improve and make better decisions quickly on the course, it works on all smartphones or on the Apple Watch, which means unlike other golf applications, the mobile can stay in the bag. 

The app presents accurate GPS yardages, aerial imagery, key statistics of the round and a digital scorecard. 

The company has mapped over 95% of the world's courses and is available in over 95 countries around the world. 

Despite going live at the start of 2015, the app is growing rapidly and has been used for more than one millions rounds worldwide thus far. 

Website: www.hole19golf.com

Zepp Golf

Do you want to "hit it longer, hit more fairways and greens, be more consistent, and/or repeat your best swings"? That's what Zepp golf sets out to achieve.

The swing analysis and trainer system requires players to attach a sensor to their glove, which then connects wirelessly to a mobile device via bluetooth. 

Players can then see their swing in 3D, in both video and still shots, giving the golfer instant feedback on club position and biomechanics. 

Users can easily see where they need to improve, while also being able to compare their swing to the pros, should they so wish. 

Provide 30 swings a week, and the system will crunch 90,000 points and deliver a detailed, personalised report, offering up tips and drills. 

The app is free to download, while the sensor costs £115.99.

Zepp Golf

Website: Zepp Golf

Game Golf Live

This app allows players to track their shots in real-time, while also allowing golfers to visualise their game after they have finished playing.

Users just need to tap tags housed in the butt of their clubs against the Game Golf module before every shot – the system does the rest.

Using GPS, motion sensors and near-field communication technology, the system automatically records the course, location of the hole, club used, distance, and accuracy with minimum interruption to a player’s routine.

While on the course, golfers can brag about their longest drives, greens in regulation percentage, or accuracy off the tee.

When all is finished on fairways and greens, players can view their round on the internet, while also being able to compare their play against a scratch player.

Game Golf Live costs £249.99, while the app is free to download.  

Review: Game Golf Live

Website: Game Golf Live

Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook hopes to be a “fun, fast and easy” way to keep score while playing golf.

Scrap the pencil and paper, and get the “pro-style live scoring experience”. Players simply input their score, allowing other golfers to see the field’s progress while out on the course.

The app, which is free to download, allows users to connect with friends, talk trash and compare stats, while also measuring shots using GPS yardages.

There are 24 different formats available, all boasting live scoreboards.

Website: Golf GameBook


The number one free golf app four years in a row. With nearly four million members, GolfLogix is a free golf GPS device, offering distances for over 30,000 courses, a free yardage book, and free four-player scoring stats and handicap.

Players benefit from an overview of the hole with accurate yardages available at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, the system provides lessons and analysis of your game from top teachers, including Phil Mickelson, Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter and Hank Haney, depending on your stats.

Website: GolfLogix

V1 Golf

V1 Golf allows players to capture their swing and then compare it side-by-side against a library of Tour professionals.

The device also has a directory, allowing players to send their swing to professionals for analysis.

When viewing their swing on the app, which costs £3.99, golfers can utilise drawing tools, video trip features and different playback options, game improvement drills and more.

Website: V1 Golf