Adams smashes own record

Rick sets new target on TV

Adams smashes own record

Rick Adams has smashed his own world record for keeping a ball permanently airborne, bouncing on the face of a sand wedge.

He set a new time, live on Channel 4's Big Breakfast show, of one hour, 17 seconds, beating the previous record he set last week by 22 minutes.

Said Rick: "It feels natural to me, but it isn't as easy as it looks. I have to go into a 'zone' of concentration, which takes a great deal of mental energy and focus."

Cheered on by the presenters and TV technicians, 18-stone Adams from Chepstow, admitted he was physically and mentally shattered after breaking the record, ratified by Guinness.

He bounced the golf ball on the Cleveland wedge more than 11,000 times without stopping.

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