Dictionary of Golfspeak

Bizarre golfing terms. Perhaps you know some others?

Fri, 23 Nov 2001
Dictionary of Golfspeak

In order to qualify as a serious golfer, you have to know the lingo!

It's not much fun when you are striding the links not being able to understand your playing partners when they come out with a golfing euphemism and you can't understand it. Get reading and start joining in instead.

Or if you are an old timer at this game, let's have some of your contributions to share with other Golfmagic members on the forum.

"As old Henry Longhurst used to say": Peter Aliss' favourite saying.

A dog licence: Beating your opponent 7&6, the old price of a dog licence funnily enough.

A Rosburg: David Feherty's reference to a bad lie in the rough, from commentator Bob Rosburg who always says that players have bad lies if they miss a fairway, not always true.

Amateurville Horror:. Hopeless putt taking no account of the real break.

At least you're dressing better: Said when your partner plays a bad shot.

Baffie: Old name for a five-wood.

Balata flush: A putt that goes in at speed

Big Easy: Ernie Els

Billy: A balata covered ball or Darren Clarke's caddy.

Blades: A dying breed of golf clubs.

Blondie: A fair crack up the middle.

Bogeyville:. Any place on the golf course from where you can't make a par.

Cellophane Bridge: A putt that crawls agonisingly over the lip.

Chilli-dip: A chip or pitch hit fat.

Dance floor: The putting green.

Does your husband play?: Said to a male golfer when his putt comes up short.

Duck Hook: A shot that moves violently left, similar to the way ducks land.

Elephants Ass: A popped up tee-shot. High and stinks.

Fanny: Nick Faldo's caddy or…

FM:You have to say this a few times before someone asks, "what's FM". You say…"the F…ing Middle of course."

Full flaps: A shot that goes too far.

Golden Bear: Jack Nicklaus, undisputed king of golf.

Golden Ferret: A shot holed from a bunker.

Ham and egging it: When you and your partner play well on alternate holes, dovetailing as an effective team.

Impregnable quadrilateral: The Grand slam of four majors in one season by one player. Never achieved so far, probably won't ever be although Ben Hogan probably would have done if he competed in the 1953 USPGA.

Intellectually bankrupt shot: Stupid shot that you should have never thought about playing.

It's difficult to play that shot with the Ozone being so thin: Said when your partner messes up an easy shot.

James Bond stroke:A bad putt, shaken but not stirred.

Jigger: Old term for a 4-iron, also a magnificent little pub next to the Road hole at St Andrews.

Kate Moss: A shot that’s good looking but a little thin.

Large: Greg Norman's wallet or John Daly's driving.

Lead: Nick Faldo's former teacher.

Mick Jagger: A putt that has everything but lips out.

Mud Ball: A shot hit fat and covers the ball in mud.

Nuked it!: Hit the cover off the ball.

OD: Similar to FM but it stands for "Out D(Th)ere".

Roseanne: A shot that’s fat and ugly!

Rupaul: A double cross, a fade that turns into a pull shot.

Shrimp: A duck hook.

Snowman: An eight on your card.

Star Trek putter: Scotty (Cameron)…Beam me up Scotty is the phrase used when you hole a monster putt.

Thanks for popping in!: Say this to your opponent after you have soundly thrashed him 7&6.(Only if you know him well)

The 'Guvnor': Nick Faldo.

The long eared society: CBS Sports Gary McCords' reference to the Augusta Masters committee.

The Shark: Greg Norman.

The Walrus: Craig Stadler.

Tiger: Some guy who won 10 tournaments in 1999

Trunk-slammers: Pro golfers on the US tour that miss the cut on Friday.

Why, why, why?: Nick Faldo's response when his arrow straight 1-iron falls two feet short of the flag.

Yasser Arafat: Ugly and in the sand.

Have you got any more that you have heard of on your travels? Tell us on the forum!