Forgan unveils its flagship IWD golf clubs

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Forgan unveils its flagship IWD golf clubs
Forgan unveils its flagship IWD golf clubsForgan unveils its flagship IWD golf clubs
Forgan IWD iron and Forgan IWD driver

Forgan of St Andrews, the world's oldest golf club manufacturer, has launched its 2009 flagship range of clubs which golfers can custom-fit themselves online. The Forgan IWD collection features fairway metals, hybrids, irons, putters and the distinctive 460 cc Forgan IWD driver.

The sleek-looking Forgan IWD (Inner Weight Distribution) driver, say the makers, features a low centre of gravity and a high, forgiving MOI to deliver accurate but explosive distance for £99. It's available in right and left-handed versions with three lofts - 9-, 10.5 and 12-degrees.

The £49 over-size Forgan IWD fairway metals claim high launch and low spin in 3-, 5- and 7-wood versions for right-handers (3- and 5-wood for left-handers), while the forgiving Forgan IWD hybrids are similarly priced with 15-, 18-, 21- and 24-degree models (the latter three for lefties).

Each of its drivers, fairway metals and hybrids are fitted with Appolo graphite or steel shafts with 10 length options from one inch shorter than standard to 1.5 inches longer and a choice of grip size.

Also offering a 5-day 'from fitting to front door' turnaround in the UK for budget-conscious golfers are the signature Forgan IWD irons with a classic deep cavity back, thin top line and wide sole plate.

Forgan says they offer maximum power and forgiveness, even from miss-hits for £150 for nine clubs (3-iron to sand wedge) with steel shafts. Graphite shafts cost a further £49 per set fitted online.

Completing the collection are four new Forgan IWD putters. The IWD1 is a classic blade with cut-away back and gooseneck hosel, while the IWD2 features a blade head with soft polymer face insert and straight hosel. The IWD3 is an insert face mallet with gooseneck hosel and completing the set is the radical IWD4, where weight is positioned around the perimeter of the head to help keep the putter on line for greater accuracy. All putters are priced at £40 and again can be custom-fitted for length.

Another fitting feature with its clubs, says Forgan, is the ability to fit its irons and wedges for five lie angles from -2 degrees (flat) to +2 degrees upright.

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