GoKart Automatic: Not a knob in sight!

Ben Barham stars in latest GoKart video

Every golf club has one – that bloke who hasn’t got a clue, can barely swing a club, doesn’t understand etiquette and just winds everyone else up. Basically he’s a bit of a… well, you know what...

‘No knobs’ is the tagline for GoKart’s new Automatic feature and the powered trolley manufacturer has perfectly captured the essence of that type golfer in a new video.

Following the removal of speed controlling knobs and dials from the Automatic, the next step in GoKart’s mission to remove knobs from golf involved recruiting European Tour pro Benn Barham to take on a player who will be familiar to all golfers.

The video shows Barham – who currently uses a GoKart Automatic as he re-establishes himself on the European Tour following treatment for cancer – negotiating his way easily round a golf course while his playing partner clearly hasn’t grasped the ‘no knobs’ concept.

GoKart is one of the most user-friendly powered-trolleys on the market with an award-winning British design and exceptional customer service. The Automatic feature ensures GoKart’s perfectly match their users pace without any fiddly knobs or controls.

The basic model costs just £240 with the Automatic feature available for an extra £40.

For more information visit www.gokart.co.uk – and keep an eye on Golfmagic for a full review soon.

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