Grab yourself a Claw!

New Nicklaus hybrid

Golfmagic correspondent
Thu, 13 Mar 2008
Grab yourself a Claw!

Nicklaus Claw hybrid

Nicklaus Golf is hoping to grab a share of the increasingly-competitive hybrid market with the new Nicklaus Claw, which claims to offer design elements that will help you deliver the clubface square to ball more often, which Nicklaus says is a problem in many other hybrids.

The Claw aims to offer increased clubhead stability through a variety of technologies, including its patented Extreme Polar Weight Distribution, which creates an extremely high MOI (resistance to twisting) and leads to tighter shot dispersion. The sole of the Claw is said to offer 42 per cent less contact with the ground than its previous designs, which helps reduce turf drag and allows for cleaner strikes from all lies.

A straight topline and a flat, iron-like face aids with alignment issues, while a 50g weight running either side of two stabilizer rails helps produce optimum launch angles for longer, higher flying shots.

The Claw Hybrids are offered in 18, 21, 24 and 27-degree lofts for right-handed players and the same with the exception of 18 degrees for lefties.

Shaft offerings are FST Pro Silver Ultra Light Steel in Regular and Stiff flexes; Precision Rifle Black Graphite in A, R and S flex and Nicklaus SG Pro 3.01 in L flex. Price: £90.