New rules eliminate DQ for signing wrong cards

R&A reveals list of new rule changes

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Tue, 27 Oct 2015
New rules eliminate DQ for signing wrong cards

The R&A announced professionals will not be disqualified from a competition if a television viewer highlights an infringement that leads to penalty shots being incurred after a player has signed for his card. 

Currently, players are disqualified if a rule violation is discovered after scorecards have been signed, but there is now an exception to Rule 6-6d coming into effect in January 2016.

"They were classic examples where players had committed pretty innocent breaches and we didn't much like the answers," said David Rickman, the R&A's Head of Rules.

"There still needs to be a deterrent, and so an additional two shot penalty will now be applied to a player's score over and above the penalties occurred for the breach. But they will no longer be disqualified and so at least it keeps them in the competition."

In addition, players will also not be slapped with a stroke penalty if their ball moves after they have addressed it, if they do not play a part in the ball moving.

Other changes include amateurs being allowed to donate any winnings from an event to a recognised charity.

The ban on anchored putting also comes into effect in January, a decision that was announced in May 2013. 

Padraig Harrington and Camillo Villegas have been disqualified from competition after signing for a card, before television viewers rang in to notify officials of a rules breach.

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