Obama's Titleist '44 POTUS' ball found by golfer

Golfer takes to social media to showcase President Obama's customised golf ball

Andy Roberts's picture
Thu, 31 Jul 2014

WHEN you're playing golf with the President of the United States, I guess you won't bat much of an eyelid should he decide to want to take a mulligan off the first, or second, or for the duration of the 18 holes.

Over the weekend, President Barack Obama reportedly sniped his opening tee shot into the woods during a round at Congressional Country Club but failed to retrieve his customised '44 POTUS' Titleist Pro V1 ball. We're therefore under the assumption he took a mully or did the right thing and played three of the tee.

A golfer, known by his Instagram as “Larrydoh,” went into the woods the next day and recovered the head honcho’s ball. Certainly the reports bear some truth, since President Obama is the 44th and current POTUS (President of the United States).

President Obama has reportedly played 81 rounds of golf in his second-term. With all that practice you think he’d have the shanks under control by now?