Rickie Fowler: swing sequence

Charlie Lemay's picture
Mon, 11 May 2015

A natural, classic looking swing. It's a two-plane swing, unlike the more modern one-plane swing, used by players like Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods. 

1. Very conventional setup, he stands fairly tall to the ball which is typical of  two-plane swinger. He's very square, with is toes, hips and shoulders flush with the target. Being square with the target is key, and often overlooked by amateurs. 

Interestingly, 95% of players feel closed when they set-up square the target, because they've fallen into bad habit. Normally players' shoulders are open and they subconsciously aim their feet right to make up for this. It's more comfortable to have your shoulders open but you can add 20 yards in distance by squaring yourself up. 

2. This is a one-piece takeaway. He's using more of the body to take the club away, which is typical of Tour players. The shaft is pointing at the ball line. while most amateurs would have whipped the club inside at this point.

3. The clubhead is just above the hand line and in comparison to say McIlroy or Woods, his turn is flatter. As a two-planer his turn will be flat, which means his arms will want to go higher, and you can see the clubhead starting to rise up here.

You can see from the shadow that the club is pointing almost exactly where his feet are pointing. 

4. He's very much on plane, with the line of the shaft pointing at the ball. From another angle you could see that he is definitely moving his weight to the right now, loading his right side. Most amateurs would be loading more onto their left side now.