Torrance and Smyth appointed Ryder Cup vice-captains

McGinley: "As well as being good friends, they are two guys that I greatly admire both personally and professionally"

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Thu, 6 Mar 2014
Torrance and Smyth appointed Ryder Cup vice-captains

EUROPEAN Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley has appointed Sam Torrance and Des Smyth as vice-captains.

Torrance was McGinley's captain when the Irishman holed the winning put at the Belfry in the 2002 Ryder Cup and the Scot played in eight consecutive Ryder Cups previous to his captaincy.

Irishman Smyth was vice–captain under Ian Woosnam at the K Club in 2006 and mentored McGinley during his early years on the European Tour. The 61-year-old currently competes on the Seniors Tour and boasts 25 professional wins.

“As well as being good friends, they are two guys that I greatly admire both personally and professionally and I know they will be vital assets to me in Scotland in September,” said McGinley.

“They were the first two people I had in mind for this role when I was appointed captain and, since then, I have talked to a lot of the experienced European players about having them as part of the team and, to a man, they have been very supportive of the idea.

“Des took me under his wing when I was a young rookie on Tour and he gave me tremendous advice which was not only valuable then but has continued to ring true for me throughout my professional career.

“His views and ideas about The Ryder Cup particularly have consistently proved to be spot on and I really enjoyed working with him as a Vice Captain in 2006 when I was a player.

“Sam is a man who has probably had the most influence on me in terms of playing team golf in my career. Being my first captain in The Ryder Cup in 2002, I learned a huge amount from him and have continued to do so over the years.

“Since those early days, our relationship has grown to see us become firm friends and, living not far apart, we see a lot of each other socially as well.”

Torrance said: “Everyone knows how much The Ryder Cup has meant to me over my career so I am absolutely delighted to be involved once again. Paul was a special part of my team at The Belfry in 2002 and he knows I will do everything possible to help him and the team at Gleneagles in September.”

Smyth said: “I was thrilled when Paul contacted me and asked me to be one of his Vice Captains at Gleneagles – there was no hesitation for me in saying ‘yes’. I relished the opportunity to be a Vice Captain at The K Club in 2006 and I look forward to playing a positive role once again in supporting Paul and the team.”