Whose honours? Let the coin decide!

Starter Coin eliminates a problem which really doesn't exist...

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Mon, 14 Feb 2011
Whose honours? Let the coin decide!

Just like my colleagues on the various other Active websites here at Magicalia Towers, I love it when new gizmos arrive on our doorstep for us to play with.

The SensoGlove was quite fun. And who can forget the amazing T2Hole? Good times.

The latest piece of [useless] technology to catch my eye is the Starter Coin.  

You see, when playing a friendly fourball, we can’t be trusted to make adult decisions such as who tees off first on our own. So this coin was created to make sure non-existent bickering doesn’t become a reality.

As I’m sure you can work out from the picture, you all huddle around it and let it determine in which order you fire your balls off down the fairway while a clubhouse full of people mutter between themselves that you have finally lost the plot.

Hang on a second. It’s not a complete waste of money; there’s also a ball marker in the middle.

But then you need to devise a whole new way of deciding who gets to use it…