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Fri, 4 Feb 2011
WIN Greg Norman Collection shirt

The precision technology used in modern clothing for golfers and athletes has improved immeasurably in recent years and compares with the ingenuity used in the equipment with which we play our shots.

Rarely do we see a player on Tour showing even the faintest signs of sweating, despite the temperatures many have to endure. Nor do they seem to feel a chill wind with little more than a base layer and polo shirt, such are the performance characteristics of modern materials.

It's an opportunity therefore for leading brands to show off their true fashionable colours without the need to be either affected by sweat or covered by waterproofs.

And the new Spring range from the Greg Norman Collection is no exception. And making its 2011 debut in golf shops across the UK it is set to inspire golfers with its easy to wear lifestyle fashion.

Now here's an opportunity to win ONE of THREE Greg Norman Collection shirts we're giving away in our free to enter forum competition.

They include the Maori Shores (black, aqua and mauve), Bondi Beach (stripes in cactus, azure, coral reef or mauve) and Royal Heritage (black, green, white ) shirt ranges for men (from £34.99) and the Newport Collection for women (all from £29.99), designed for golfers looking for a fashionable image to co-ordinate with their existing golf clothing.

For further information about the traditional range of classic cotton polo shirts, lambswool sweaters, trousers and outerwear visit

For a chance to win

Tell us your stories about the clothing you or your mates have worn for golf - from receiving compliments  about your co-ordination to the embarrassment of being accused of getting dressed in the dark! Ever been accused of being improperly dressed or turned up with odd shoes?

There must be hundreds of stories to be told...tell us yours (together with your preferred size and style and colour listed above) and we'll pick out three of the best and arrange for you to receive a Greg Norman Collection shirt of your choice. Closing date is noon February 25.