Golf prank goes BADLY WRONG as senior golfers SMASH UP remote-controlled car!

Social media reacts as senior golfers lose their cool with youths on the golf course...

Golf prank goes BADLY WRONG as senior golfers smash up remote-controlled car!
Golf prank goes BADLY WRONG as senior golfers smash up remote-controlled…

Social media never fails to amaze, especially when it comes to bizarre happenings on the golf course, and this week is no different as a golf prank went horribly wrong.

In this video clip posted by newninegolf on Instagram, youths are seen trying to prank two senior golfers by sending their remote-controlled car onto the green. 

As you can imagine, it did not go down well. Not well at all. 

I mean, I know what you're thinking. Why is a remote-controlled car anywhere near a golf course? We're with you on that one. 

But judging by the reaction to the prank by these senior golfers, we can only imagine they were struggling to get off the bogey train. 

How would you have reacted to this if it happened to you on the course? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: 



Here's a look at what a number of golf fans have said about the incident on Instagram. 

"Good job old timers."

"Rules are rules. Don't drive carts on the greens."

"I would have smashed it too. Golf costs too much already having a bad round."

"I would have snapped his club."

"Cannot stand people like this. How are they even on the course in the first place?"

"This guy deserves an exemption into a Champions Tour event for that."

"Those guys deserved it."

"I would have done the same thing."

"I mean that's a bit harsh. Could have been a bit more reasonable about it."

"They were definitely having a mare of a round!"


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