Golfer CHANGES FLAG LOCATION to leave tap-in birdie

This cheating golfer broke the rules by changing the flag position, but what's the ruling if your ball ends up in the wrong hole by accident?

Golfer CHANGES FLAG LOCATION to leave tap-in birdie
Golfer CHANGES FLAG LOCATION to leave tap-in birdie

Golf has now returned to England as lockdown restrictions begin to ease and it won't take long for some people to start cheating their way around the golf course, as unfortunately, every golf club has its usual suspects. But have you ever seen a golfer change the flag position to leave a shorter putt?

Before you get any ideas, it's of course against the rules to change the flag position during a round and if you were caught by club officials, you'd probably get in a serious amount of trouble.

Golf Rules Questions is a popular Instagram page, boasting over 80,000 followers, where videos of unique rules scenarios are posted to provide golfers with some answers they might not have known about.

In one of the latest posts, a video was posted of a golfer changing the flag location while his ball was on the green, to leave himself with the shortest of birdie putts.


The scenario being used by Golf Rules Questions focused on something that relates to the video, but not the video directly.

Certain golf courses features large greens that are used for more than one hole, so in some cases there may be an incident where your ball ends up going in the wrong cup, so what are you meant to do if this happens to you?

"How do you proceed if you have holed your ball in the wrong hole on a double green (green with two flagsticks), or in the reserve hole of the green you are playing to?" read the caption on Golf Rules Questions.


"The other hole is considered to be a hole made by a green keeper, aka an abnormal course condition. Lift your ball out and place it at the nearest point of complete relief beside the hole. Rule 16.1d."

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