Golfer hits insane shot OFF THE WALL and into the cup!

One of the most outrageous golf shots we have ever seen!

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Tue, 19 Oct 2021
Golfer hits insane shot OFF THE WALL and into the cup!

Open stance, off the back foot, onto a wall, back to the green and into the cup. Just another day in the life of golf YouTuber Micah Morris. 

Check out Micah's latest video craze, which has instantly gone viral in the video below... and make sure you stay for the celebrations! 

Apparently it was first take, as well. What do you reckon? 



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World Long Drive champion Kyle Berkshire was certainly left impressed when he wrote: "What.." 

Ryan Rustand, another video creator in the world of golf, commented: "On repeat."

Check out what other golf fans have said about the shot: 

"Oh my Daddy, you gotta chill."

"Epic celebration, too."

"How many takes?"

"You survived Squid Game."

"This one of the greatest shots I've seen in my life."

"Tiger Woods could spend all year attempting this and never do it. Unbelievable stuff, Micah."

"Dude that is unreal."

"You are the GOAT, Micah."

"Home course advantage."

"Cracking read of the green."

"Legendary shot."

"Not sure what is more impressive, Rory McIlroy's win on Sunday night or this shot. Incredible."

"Surely not first take, but you never know?!"

"Are you not entertained?"