Ian Poulter chips golf ball through window of his £1 MILLION Ferrari

A video went viral on social media after Ian Poulter chipped a golf ball through the window of his LaFerrari Aperta.

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Wed, 2 Sep 2020
Ian Poulter chips golf ball through window of his £1 MILLION Ferrari

You know when you shank a shot on the golf course and you wince when you see your ball flying towards the car park? Well what if that car was worth £1 million, oh and you were actually aiming through the window of it?

Ian Poulter is a huge car fan, owning multiple supercars that were typically used as a priceless collection, not for driving and most definitely not for hitting golf balls through.

The 44-year-old Tour veteran recently posted a video on social media pulling up in one of his (yes he actually owns two of these) LaFerrari Aperta's, he opted to use the stunning black edition whilst his red coupe version stayed in the garage.

Watch the video below to see Poulter pull off his nervy trick shot:

Poulter captioned the video: "How else would I practice playing with Ryder Cup pressure?"

Last year, Poulter allowed YouTube star Shmee to take a look at the supercars in his possesion and explained how his love affair with Ferrari's first started.

"I was always a car man and I said to myself, 'When I win my first tournament, I need to buy a Ferrari'," said Poulter.

"I won the Italian Open but the cheque wasn't big enough, I won another tournament and that cheque wasn't big enough.

"So when I won my third tournament, which was the Italian Open again, I knew it was time so I bought myself a 360 - and from that moment that love affair has grown."

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