Manolo Vega tells golf fans how to take drop from water in classic MANOLO-STYLE

Manolo Vega is one of the most entertaining, but also informative golfers on social media and his latest video tells us how to take a drop if our ball lands in a water hazard.

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Mon, 23 Aug 2021
Manolo Vega tells golf fans how to take drop from water in classic MANOLO-STYLE

Manolo Vega is a golf instructor like no other. He is passionate, funny and entertaining and it is no surprise that he has developed such a large following on social media.

However, there is always method to Manolo's madness and in his latest video, he shows golf fans and aspiring players how to take a drop if your ball finishes in a water hazard.

Manolo makes it clear that if your ball finishes in water, you should make sure to take out your driver, because this is the longest club in your bag, and use it to mark out your two club-length allowance.

You should make sure that when you take your drop, the ball was must be no nearer to the hole than where you have marked your two club-lengths. 

Although this is unlikely to happen, Manolo demonstrates that if your ball rolls back into the water after your first drop, you can take two more drops.

If your ball is still rolling back into the water on the third drop, you may place the ball where it landed, so that you can carry on with your round.

Manolo also makes it clear that you must take the drop from knee height as opposed to shoulder height, which is an old rule.

Golf fans have loved Manolo's videos for a number of years now and they left their comments on the video:

"Literally the best content on any platform," one fan said.

"Lake Charles Woodson take it easy!!" another fan said.

"Regroup the troops is now my golf mantra," one fan commented.

"This is probably the best content in the internet right now," another fan commented/

"I’m 98% sure I could hit it out of there," one fan said.