Mark Hensby: "Call me stupid, but don't call me a cheater"

Suspended Aussie reveals he was "unable to complete urine test" in PGA Tour drugs test. 

Hensby: "Call me stupid, but don't call me a cheater"
Hensby: "Call me stupid, but don't call me a cheater"


Mark Hensby has revealed details behind his one-year suspension by the PGA Tour, claiming he was "unable to complete the urine test" when asked to do so after his opening round of the Sanderson Farms Championship in October.

Hensby, 46, released a statement explaining how he was prepared to give a blood sample but was then informed that the test would be urine, not blood.

"I had just urinated on the eighth hole, my 17th hole that day, and knew that I was probably unable to complete the urine test for at least a couple more hours," said Hensby, the 2004 John Deere Classic, who has since fallen to the Tour.

"I told this gentleman that I would complete the test in the morning prior to my early morning tee time. Another gentleman nearby told me that 'they have no authority to require me to stay.' Thus, I left."


Mark Hensby: Call me stupid, but don't call me a cheater

Hensby explained that he subsequently received multiple calls and texts from PGA Tour officials inquiring as to why he left without providing a sample and requesting that he return to the course.

"I showed poor judgement in not responding," said Hensby, who was subsequently disqualified from the tournament where he started with a round of 78.

Hensby, who has missed six cuts in seven PGA Tour starts over the last two years, will not be eligible to return to the Tour until October 26, 2018.

"Again, I made a terrible decision to not stay around that evening to take the urine test," he added.

"Obviously in hindsight I should have been more patient, more rational and taken the test. Call me stupid, but don't call me a cheater. I love the game. I love the integrity that it represents, and I would never compromise the values and qualities that the game deserves."

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