New online membership to help golfers and clubs after lockdown

PlayMoreGolf launches new membership product to help the golf industry get through the coronavirus pandemic...


New online membership to help golfers and clubs after lockdown
New online membership to help golfers and clubs after lockdown

With hopes high that golf will be one of the first leisure activities to resume once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, PlayMoreGolf has launched a new membership product which it believes will help support not just the 250+ clubs it works with but the wider industry during the difficult period.

While golf clubs appreciate that, during such unprecedented times, priorities change and that golf may be the first thing to take a back seat when domestic finances are tight, there remains a need for clubs to maintain an income stream if they are to keep their heads above the metaphorical water hazard.

New online membership to help golfers and clubs after lockdown

"We firmly believe that golfers due to renew their golf club membership should have the opportunity to do so – if they can still afford to, but also recognise many will be concerned as to how often they can play this season," said PlayMoreGolf director Jamie Carroll.

"Belonging to their club during this difficult time may not, therefore, be under the same category as in previous years; but staying and supporting their club is invaluable to that community.

"The issue remains that golfers can’t get out to play at present therefore impacting membership renewals at clubs up and down the UK. PlayMoreGolf’s success has been built upon the flexible nature of its membership packages.



"The new product, now available to partner clubs, takes that concept a step further by providing an online membership that provides a pathway back to full membership at a time when, under normal conditions, clubs would be reaping the financial benefit of renewed memberships.

"These new products enable clubs to generate that much needed cashflow, allowing them to continue to operate and thrive during this difficult period.

"Until we went into lockdown, golf was a sport that was still enjoyed by many, though precautions had to be taken by both clubs and golfers. It would be fair to assume that, once the lockdown is lifted, golf will be one of the first sports to reopen.

"We set out to design a concept that removes any concerns clubs or golfers may have around not being able to justify the cost of a membership and providing the comfort golfers require of not being financially disadvantaged if they can’t play as often – all whilst providing a pathway back to full membership once the uncertainty is over and normality resumes."

By being online members can purchase the membership and perform all booking without compromising the current social distancing regulations at their club whilst knowing they are playing a key part in supporting their club during a difficult time.

Carroll added: "This is the perfect solution for those full members who are concerned about renewing and considering delaying renewal for the year. Our unique, innovative platform will direct individuals to a bespoke payment page just for their club.

"This will give members the comfort and security they are looking for with their membership while allowing the golf club to have total control on which members they give this option to. We anticipate them using this only for those members that are unsure of renewing and those that have already left.

"We are committed to supporting the 250+ clubs we work with currently and the wider industry – standing shoulder to shoulder with them, if you like – using the standard flexible membership product and now this new addition for golf clubs to use locally.

"Combined with other new membership products we have produced, these will certainly help Clubs in their objective to overcome the current challenges they face and beyond."

If you would like to sit down with Jamie for more information on this membership concept, you will have the opportunity to do just that on Thursday April 23 at 10am. PlayMoreGolf will be hosting a live preview of the membership option along with a Q&A session - click here to register. Alternatively, you can contact them on 0330 555 6555 or visit

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