Nicklaus says (again) 'Tiger can beat my 18 majors'

Nicklaus believes Tiger Woods can win more than 18 majors, but will need to learn to win again. 

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Wed, 30 May 2018
Nicklaus says (again) 'Tiger can beat my 18 majors'

Death, taxes, and Jack Nicklaus saying Tiger Woods can still beat his record 18 majors. Yep, it’s happened again.

"Tiger has not had that much fun the last 10 years - and I would hate to go through what he has been through as he has been through a lot - but he is a hard worker, he is a tough competitor and he is still driven, so that is why I would never count him out," Nicklaus said ahead of the his Memorial tournament where Woods competes.

"Nobody ever said 'how's your record, Jack?' as I have always said that if Tiger comes back and plays then he has still got a shot at breaking my record.

"Whether he does or he doesn't, and even with now 10 years passing, it doesn't make any difference - he is still a great athlete and a great golfer."

Woods, currently on 14 major wins, will try and notch another win at the US Open at Shinnecock Hills in two weeks.

Woods and Nicklaus played at the venue on Monday, and while the Golden Bear is impressed with Tiger’s game, he added the 42-year-old will need to remember how to win.

“…in holing a couple of putts suddenly you remember - particularly if you have been a champion at one time as you will remember and you will have that to draw on,” he said.

"That is what I had to draw on. Tiger also has that to draw on but he has got to go through the barrier of not having done it for a while.”

Woods' last major triumph was in 2008, and his most recent win was in 2013. He returns in Ohio after coming 11th at the Players earlier this month.