Paige Spiranac relents, *finally* gives in to OnlyPaige fan demand!

Paige Spiranac has caved into to her fans and will launch a new feature on her paid-for app. 

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Wed, 3 May 2023
Paige Spiranac relents, *finally* gives in to OnlyPaige fan demand!

Paige Spiranac has finally caved in to her fans and will now be making personalised videos. 

Paige's social media empire shows absolutely no signs of slowing down and she's closing in on four million Instagram followers. 

If you didn't know, Paige decided to make her own paid for platform called OnlyPaige, a cheeky nod to OnlyFans.  

"I know, I know, I know. I've heard you." wrote Paige on Instagram, adding: 

"You have been asking for the longest time and I have delivered. Personalised videos from me, to you - or maybe a friend, maybe a significant other, how about a boss? - the possibilities are endless.
"I am so excited to bring this to you."

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Don't get any ideas though as Paige has revealed in the past that she would never, ever go that far on her platforms.

Talking about the launch of OnlyPaige, she previously said: 

"No shame to anyone who is doing that but I don't feel comfortable doing it. And also you can get that for free on the internet, whenever you want. 
"So I wanted to provide more value so I really focused in on golf instructions, which is something I'm really good at and something I love to do. 
"So much of that is on OP [Only Paige] plus other stuff.
"And yes there are very sexy pictures on there, sexier things than I put on here. But there's no nudity."

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In other Paige news, she has recently been involved in a bit of a spat with PGA Tour player Nate Lashley. 

She accused to pro golfer of sexism when he called her out over the fact she uses her sex appeal to promote herself. 

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