Paige Spiranac hammers PGA Tour pro over 'sexist' response to her slow play post

Paige Spiranac blasts PGA Tour winner over sexist remarks made in response to her post about players being docked shots for slow play. 

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Wed, 26 Apr 2023
Paige Spiranac hammers PGA Tour pro over 'sexist' response to her slow play post

Paige Spiranac has blasted PGA Tour player Nate Lashley over his "sexist" tweet in response to her latest video post about slow play. 

Spiranac took to Twitter last week to express her iritation at how PGA Tour players such as Patrick Cantlay are still not being penalised when taking more than 40 seconds to play. 

It's in the rule book after all. 

Cantlay has come under intense criticism, especially this month at The Masters, for taking too long to play his shots.

Brooks Koepka hit out at him at The Masters, and so too did Matt Fitzpatrick a week later at the RBC Heritage. 

Cantlay isn't the only culprit though. There are plenty more. 

Spiranac also considers how the AimPoint Express putting method is also a big contributor to slow play on the PGA Tour.

But in Paige's latest video post, she comes down hard on PGA Tour players not being docked shots for taking longer than their allocated 40 seconds once over the ball. 

"Slow play is unsportsmanlike and a form of cheating, I don't understand how this is not fixed yet," says Paige. 

Spiranac's latest video post did not sit well with Lashley, who won his sole PGA Tour title at the 2019 Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Lashley, ranked a lowly 210st in the world, not only criticised Spiranac's own playing credentials as a former professional, but made a sexist remark, too. 

Those comments have not sat well with Paige, who now considers Lashley a big part of the slow play problem. 

Spiranac held back from responding to Lashley on Twitter, and instead made her feelings be known on her latest 'Playing-A-Round' podcast episode alongside co-host Samantha Marks.

Speaking at 33 minutes in her latest podcast episode, Spiranac said: 

"Sam, before we get into some TNA, speaking of slow play, I just have to make a little comment, real quickly, because I kept my mouth quiet on Twitter and since then, so, I tweeted about slow play and I basically said that the rule book says you have 40 seconds to hit your shot. If you take longer than 40 seconds, you should get penalised. It's in the rule books people. So if you can't do it, you should be penalised. It's not that hard to comprehend... and Nate Lashley, he's a PGA Tour player, he won at the Rocket Mortgage years ago (2019), he tweeted at me and he said 'I don't like slow play at all but these courses are very difficult and there's a lot on the line.' If, and he tagged me, Paige Spiranac would have played professionally at a higher level she would understand, but I don't think most people are watching these videos to see what she has to say. Next day, Matt Fitzpatrick comes out and he says 'slow play is ridicuclous, they need to do something about it'. They interviewed Patrick Cantlay and he said 'I'm only slow because no one is doing anything about it'. There have been multiple players on the PGA Tour who have come out and said that this is a serious issue and they need to fix it. So for Nate Lashley to be honestly quite sexist about it and to come after me when this was not that hot of a take, everyone is in agreement that slow play needs to be fixed, so it's not okay... and Nate Lashley, probably a slow player. He's probably the problem."


What are your thoughts on slow play? Should PGA Tour players be penalised for taking longer than 40 seconds over a shot? Is Patrick Cantlay the slowest player on the PGA Tour, or are others worse? Share your thoughts and comments on the GolfMagic social media channels.