Realitee Golf introduces night mode

System combines hitting into a simulator and "live play" on greens

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Thu, 8 Dec 2016
Realitee Golf introduces night mode

Integrative indoor golf simulator Realitee Golf has revealed a new night mode.

The system, which will launch on New Year’s Eve 2017, allows players to hit into a screen like a normal simulator, before a laser shows them where to place the ball on a green. This allows golfers to play short game shots as they would on a golf course.

The new night mode comes to life thanks to a wrap-around video wall,  featuring a backdrop of galaxies and stars.

Realitee Golf introduces night mode

“This will feel like nothing you have experienced before” said Realitee Golf founder Dave Shultz. “Realitee Golf is golf evolved, and a true first for the sport. It takes golf into a new area of family entertainment – as well as providing a best-ever practice and play venue for already-committed golfers.”

Realitee Golf uses TruGolf simulators and ball-tracking hardware, allowing players to compete over a host of illustrious courses.

Smart watches with a specific app allow players to navigate between simulator and live play areas.

“Our mission is to thrill people – whether they are golfers or not – with amazing new technology at REALiTEE Golf” said Shultz. “Visitors will wonder both at the beauty of golf recreated in stunning high-definition on our simulators, and at the memorable visuals they will literally be able to step into when they enter our ‘Live Play’ areas.”

Head to the Realitee Golf website for more information.