Rory McIlroy admits practice has stopped due to lack of 'purpose'

Rory McIlroy spoke to Jamie Rednapp live on Instagram and told the former footballer that practice has stopped.

Rory McIlroy admits practice has stopped due to lack of 'purpose'
Rory McIlroy admits practice has stopped due to lack of 'purpose'

If the coronavirus hadn't hit the world like a tonne of bricks then Rory McIlroy would currently be putting the hard graft week after week in the run up to The Masters as he looks to complete a career Grand Slam.

McIlroy had planned a packed schedule in the run up to The Masters at Augusta and with the world no.1 in the form of his life, he had a great chance of finally winning his first green jacket.

Rory McIlroy admits practice has stopped due to lack of 'purpose'

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, golf has come to a sudden halt, with weeks of events postponed, including The Masters and the PGA Championship.

The governments orders are clear, stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary for you to leave to buy essentials.

We've seen plenty of videos on Twitter and Instagram of golfers spending their time in different way. Some are getting some home practice in, some playing video games and some are simply enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

Speaking to Sky Sports pundit and former footballer Jamie Rednapp live on Instagram, McIlroy explained why practice for him has stopped.

"I need something to practice for," McIlroy said. "I have no idea when we are going to play again and I'd rather build myself up to something.

"I know if I go out there and hit balls, I'm not doing it for any purpose.

"I love golf and it has given me a lot of really great things but I think I love the competition more. If there's no competition, then there's nothing to look forward to.

"Right now, I am just enjoying spending some time at home, getting after it in the gym, and spending time by the pool or playing tennis.

"I realise there are a lot of us who are very fortunate to have gyms in our house and all sorts of stuff so that we can keep busy."

Rory McIlroy admits practice has stopped due to lack of 'purpose'

Rumours have been circulating that in order to fit The Masters in this year, it could be played in October, which could spark a very busy schedule for the Tour.

"Augusta play their cards close to their chest, they don't really let much out of the bag," McIlroy said.

"I hope that they play it in October. Potentially, you are looking at four majors, a Ryder Cup and the FedEx Cup in the space of 12 weeks.

"If we all get back to playing around mid-summer, it is going to be a hectic 12 or 15 weeks of all the big events."

Rednapp then asked the Northern Irishman if he feels pressure to win The Masters, the only major championship to elude his trophy cabinet.

"I still have plenty more chances.

"I'm 30 years old, Tiger was 43 when he won at Augusta [in 2019]. I feel like I've still got 10 to 15 years left of my career and my prime.

"I keep saying I have plenty of time, but every year that you don't do it, obviously the pressure ramps up."

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