Rules of Golf: Does it count as a stroke if your club snaps on impact?

If you are unfortunate enough to snap your club on your downswing, does this count as a stroke according to the rules of golf?

Rules of Golf: Does it count as a stroke if your club snaps on impact?
Rules of Golf: Does it count as a stroke if your club snaps on impact?

The rules of golf are a very complex set of guidelines which we all must follow in order to complete our round with integrity and honesty.

It is impossible to absorb every single rule into your brain, but do your best and carry an official rulebook in your golf bag so you are covered for every possibility.

Last week, European Long Drive star Martin Borgmeier posted an incredible video of one of his golf clubs coming apart as he took his downswing.

Much like his friend Bryson DeChambeau, Borgmeier is bigger and stronger than most human-beings but even he was surprised his brute force caused his clubhead to come off as his arms came down.

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As you can see in the footage above, Borgmeier marginally nudged his ball but it certainly didn't travel far. So, does this count as an official shot or are you permitted to take it again?

As per usual, the brilliant golfrules_questions explained the situation for us. As Borgmeier had completed a swing, it counts as a shot and the club snapping is purely bad luck.

When the clubhead is deflected or stopped by an outside influence whether or not the ball is struck, this counts as a stroke as long as the player is intending to strike the ball. 

Also, when the clubhead separates from the shaft during the downswing and the player continues the downswing with the shaft alone, whether or not the ball is struck with the shaft, this is also a legitimate shot.

This may be seen as a kick in the teeth from the rules of golf, but it is another rule that is worth noting down as you never know what situation could arise.



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