WATCH: Is this the worst tee shot you have ever seen?

None of us is perfect and none of us finds the fairway in 100% of our rounds, but a lot of us can say that we have never hit a tee shot as bad as this.

WATCH: Is this the worst tee shot you have ever seen?
WATCH: Is this the worst tee shot you have ever seen?

Some people say "drive for show and putt for dough." As much as your short game is important, I have always thought this phrase is nonsense. A tee shot is as important as your putting.

There is no point in being an expert on the greens if you are taking three shots off the tee box every time. You need to master your accuracy with your driver.

Playing from the fairway is so much easier than playing from the rough and if you can find the short grass more often than not, you will find it easier to shoot good scores.

Unfortunately, if you have a long game like the golfer in the footage below, you are highly unlikely to shoot your handicap in your next round.

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It appears that the man is preparing to hit a shot on a par-4 or a par-5 that doglegs to the right, so a fade would be the suitable shot shape for this hole.

However, this didn't go according to plan in any shape or form. As the golfer swung his driver back, the very end of the toe clipped the ball.

The ball went directly sideways and barely came off the tee. In fact, the ball hits the yellow tee peg and goes backwards. It was a remarkable shot in many ways.

As the ding of the ball against the tee pegs sounded around the tee box, the cameraman let out a very subtle and cheeky laugh.

It is one of those moments when you either laugh or cry. On this occasion, it looked as though the pair of golfers were about to share a laugh.



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