We've found him! THE MEANEST GREENKEEPER of all time!

Ever seen a quicker green than this one? How would YOU react to a putt like this?!

We've found him! THE MEANEST GREENKEEPER of all time!
We've found him! THE MEANEST GREENKEEPER of all time!

A golf video has gone viral this week of perhaps the quickest putt of all time.

Can you actually imagine stiffing your approach shot to within five feet and then being faced with a putt like this one. 

While the following putt is extremely rapid, you have to say it was a shocker of an attempt to find the back of the cup!




The video was posted to TikTok on @Golficity and then reposted to Instagram on @TopTierGolfers. 

Here's how a number of golfers reacted to the video:

He sucks that’s all it is

That’s bulls**t that’s be-on tournament conditions

It’s a well s**t effort though

Outstanding camera work

He didn't look very committed to the stroke

Haha, never had a chance, great line


I see it…but I don’t believe it

And that’s why rounds take so long to finish

Hey buddy you gotta tap it in the hole

Green speeds are measured using a stimpmeter, which is a term often used on broadcasts of professional golf events but is not always understood by the public.

A stimpmeter is a ramp-style device with a notch and a golf ball is placed into this notch. Gravity will pull the ball out when the device is gradually raised to a 20˚ angle.

When the ball rolls out, the distance to which the ball rolls to in feet determines how fast the green is.

For some context, the England Golf Union judge "slow" to be 0 to 6 feet, "medium" as 6 to 8 feet and "fast" as 8 feet or above. They advise that regular members' clubs come under the "medium" category.


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