What would YOU do if you were paired with this SLOW GOLFER?!

Golf fans react to a video of a painfully slow golfer on the course. 

What would YOU do if you were paired with this SLOW GOLFER?!
What would YOU do if you were paired with this SLOW GOLFER?!

It's one of the worst things to witness on the golf course. A golfer taking an absolute age to line up and address the ball, only to shank it straight into the nearest bush. 

Golf fans have been reacting to a painfully slow video (posted by dadsfunhouse / golferfeelings on Instagram) of a left-handed amateur golfer taking close to 40 seconds to pull the trigger while over the ball.

And that's even when the video starts... so you can probably add another 20 seconds onto this clip. Therefore a full minute to hit a shot. 

With iron in hand on a par-3 hole, the man eyes up his target for what seems like an eternity, before stepping in to give several waggles of the club.

He then shuffles his feet Patrick Cantlay-style and has multiple looks at the hole. 

It then appears as though the video has frozen, but no, this is actually the man just requiring a bit more time to focus over the ball.

He then finally pulls the trigger, and yes you guessed... it was a shocker. 




Here's how a number of golf fans reacted:

Absolutely pathetic. Get on with it. 

His practice swings were beautiful. 

I'd probably hit him with a 3-iron.

I would leave him on the first tee box. 

Everything that is wrong with golf right now.

In the words of Roy Keane... do me a favour. 

Cannot stand slow coaches, get off the course. 

You aren't Tiger Woods mate. Slow AF. 

OMG just hit the ball... so frustrating to watch. I see this a lot down my local club though to be fair.

And we all wonder why rounds take five hours these days. 

Please leave. 

All that for a straight left push. Brilliant. 

I'd recommend taking up a different sport. 

He is thinking way too much. 

I am getting stressed out just watching him. 

All of that and then shanks it. Jog on mate. 


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