Who caught this awesome exchange between Ian Poulter and his caddie

Poults and his caddie talk through one of the toughest shots on Tour at the Open de France.

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Tue, 3 Jul 2018

Player-caddie conversations are pretty awesome, especially when they're as in-depth as the one between Ian Poulter and his caddie Terry Mundy on the 18th hole at last week's Open de France.


Many of you will be saying taking close to 90 seconds to pull the trigger is far too slow, but on the other hand, we think an exchange like this is pretty cool. After all, the wind was gusting and the Englishman wasn't holding anyone up behind.

It's not as if it was a full four minutes like JB Holmes and his caddie earlier this year, and that was only for a lay-up! 

Check out the clip of Poulter and his caddie debating the second shot to the daunting par-4 18th...



Poulter went on to make the cut and he finished tied 21st.