Golf fans revel in LIV mastermind seeking Augusta membership "The audacity!"

The governor of the Saudi PIF had an interesting request for his deal with the PGA Tour.

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Wed, 12 Jul 2023
Golf fans revel in LIV mastermind seeking Augusta membership "The audacity!"

Countless shocking details were revealed Tuesday during the US Senate's congressional hearing regarding the PGA Tour's deal with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Among those, included LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman's potential termination, and specific plans for Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

These details were all a part of documents discussed Tuesday in relation to the bombshell agreement between the PGA Tour and the PIF that was signed 30 May and later announced 6 June.

In the June release, it said that the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and PIF would combine their golf-related commercial businesses and rights to create a new, for-profit entity.

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That includes the rival LIV Golf, which is financially backed by the PIF.

The agreement also meant the end of the countless lawsuits that had been going on between the three parties for much of the past year.

The complete change of direction by the PGA Tour - which had been outspokenly against LIV Golf and its financial backers - resulted in a probe by the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

The hearing commenced on Tuesday, with the PGA Tour's chief operating officer Ron Price and board member Jimmy Dunne there to testify.

Many documents were referred to during the hearing, which showed the back-and-forth between the two main parties involved in the deal as they negotiated different key aspects.

One of ideas that was proposed during these negotiations per the documents was that PIF Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan would obtain membership at Augusta National Golf Club and the R&A.

It's not clear if this made it into the final agreement, but golf fans on Twitter certainly had a field day with it.

Here are some of tweets from the news:

"PIF completely turning over the world of golf just to get Yasir a membership at Augusta is funny."
"All of this to slide in that Augusta membership? Well played, Yasir"
"All this! Just so Yasir can go play Augusta with some of his mates!"
"It all comes out. Yasir doing all of this just to get a seat at the table…Augusta membership…Honestly would be willing to do the same"
"I love the idea that this whole thing was created just so Yasir Al-Rumayyan could play Augusta National lol"

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