Putting Probabilities: How does YOUR putting stack up against PGA Tour players?

Check out the latest PGA Tour ShotLink data, and see how it compares to your own golf game...

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Tue, 1 Nov 2022
Putting Probabilities: How does YOUR putting rank against PGA Tour players?

Fed up of missing putts from inside of 10 feet all the time? Well don't beat yourself up too much as PGA Tour players have a tough time from the same distance, too. 

Okay, they do drain 56% of their putts from seven feet, but they only hole out from 10 feet 38% of the time on average. 

They also hole out 96% of the time from three feet, so not even the world's best players convert the shorties. 

So perhaps gimmes should be scrapped after all? 

The next time you miss from close range, by all means tut and slap the leg, but don't get too down about it. 

Even Rory McIlroy misses them. 

We picked up this cool graphic from PGA Tour putting coach Marcus Potter earlier today, with stats from the PGA Tour's ShotLink data. 

The graph below highlights the putting probabilities of a one-putt, two-putt and dreaded three-jab + from one to 60 feet. 

It also gives you the expected putts from each of those distances. 

The biggest difference between PGA Tour players and amateur hacks, at least in our view, is the fact the best players limit their three-jabs compared to the rest of us who typically make a few every round. 

Maybe I'm just an average putter, but I can't remember the last time I went a round without at least a trio of three-putts. 

Perhaps my iron play has something to answer for there, too. 

Check out the data below and see how it compares to your own game on the greens: 

Distance1 Putt2 Putt3 Putt +Expected Putts
1 feet 100%0%0%1.001
3 feet96%4%0%1.046
5 feet76%24%0%1.245
7 feet56%43%0%1.440
10 feet38%61%1%1.625
12 feet31%68%1%1.701
15 feet23%76%1%1.784
20 feet15%83%2%1.874
25 feet10%87%3%1.931
30 feet7%88%5%1.977
40 feet4%86%10%2.058
50 feet 3%81%16%2.138
60 feet2%75%23%2.214

How does your putting stack up against the PGA Tour average? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels.

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